With years of experience, Jacob Engineer and our staff have provided geotechnical engineering services for various projects. Being the top geotechnical engineering firm, we conduct 1000s of projects a year. Anywhere in the world is where we can offer our services.

Almost all structures need to take local subsurface characteristics into account. The subsurface soils’ properties and behavior are assessed by the geotechnical consulting engineer, who then interprets the data and provides recommendations on soil parameters that can be used to design or remediation work.

Field Equipment

Drill Rigs:

One of the few companies in Chennai with its drill rigs is Jacob Engineers. To execute hollow-stem or wet rotary borings, Jacob has several drilling rigs, including a Simco and Failing Drilling Rigs. In addition, we have limited access to buggy rigs, portable rigs, and Lone Star rigs. With our rigs, we can drill and sample up to 120 feet below the surface. We can install monitor wells, piezometers, and inclinometers and drill to considerably deeper depths in conjunction with our subcontractor drillers. Our field personnel have years of expertise working with different groundwater and subsurface conditions. Our promise to the client is to deliver trustworthy individuals, the best and most modern equipment, and dependable service. Jacob can survey, stake, and grant clearance from subterranean utilities for the boring locations. We can arrange for the project site to be cleared in severely forested areas. Among the few companies in Chennai, we operate our drilling rigs. When it comes to places with soft subgrade conditions or forests, the portable rigs are helpful. These little rigs are capable of reaching areas that the larger rig is unable to. Consequently, the client will save money and time.

Jacob Engineers is among the few companies in Chennai with miniature drilling rigs. Without requiring extensive clearing, these compact, transportable rigs can reach difficult-to-reach locations, like forests or areas with moist subgrade soil conditions. These setups can also be used in small spaces and within buildings. 


Additionally, we have mules too. We transport our portable rigs into muddy or forested project locations using these vehicles with limited access. Drilling capabilities are equivalent to those of a standalone portable rig. But this allows us to reach places that a truck cannot.

Geotechnical Laboratory

Geotechnical testing can be done in Jacob’s laboratory under controlled conditions to assess both new materials used in research and development as well as conventional tests of materials.

To assess soil characteristics such as classification, permeability, swell potential, compaction, shear strength, and compressibility, the Jacob laboratory performs laboratory tests. 

The findings of laboratory testing and analysis establish the facts and parameters involved in the problems and their likely causes, identified by engineering. Assessment of groundwater, building materials, and soils in the field and the lab often work best together. Together, they provide a comprehensive testing program that ensures a sufficient and accurate understanding of the materials utilized in the design, building, and assessment of possible subsurface and groundwater contamination issues.

Engineering Analysis and Report:

An engineering report containing the field and laboratory data and our engineering recommendations will be provided. The information will cover the needs for quality control, construction, and project design

Geotech Engineering and Testing

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