Product performance and quality have long been top priorities for manufacturers and builders. Understanding how well a range of materials will work is essential to any project’s success. As a result, due to the quick advancement of technology in building techniques and materials, quality assurance throughout construction has assumed greater significance.

The proof that the materials and methods utilized are carried out in accordance with the standards demanded by the design team is established for everyone to see through quality assurance and materials testing.

The technical team at Jacob Engineers consistently applies the most recent advancements and protocols used in quality control initiatives. A crucial connection is made between the owner, the qualified design team, and the contractor by our engineers and field personnel.

In the field of construction materials engineering, JE is skilled at testing and keeping an eye on the following:

  • Geotechnical testing, fly-ash, cement and lime stabilization, gradations, proctors, plasticity indices, densities, and 200s are examples of soil testing methods.
  • Slump, air, cylinders, beams, yield, coring, cement content, mix design verification, batch plant inspection, and rebar inspection are just a few examples of the concrete testing applications.
  • Testing of asphalt, encompassing, among other things, densities, cores, cutback sampling, specific gravity, bulk density, gradation, extraction, mix design, and stability.
  • Weld inspection, A325 bolt torque, welder qualifications, magnetic particle inspections, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, paint thickness, holiday testing, and sandblasting inspection are just a few examples of structural steel testing procedures.

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