As we all know, the roof is one of the primary parts of any construction. Have you ever heard of flat slab construction? The flat slab construction is a reinforced concrete slab supported by the concrete columns directly without the support of the beams. So, we can say that a flat slab is a one-sided or two-sided system with a sheer load targeting the square slab or supporting columns. Various structural consultants in Chennai suggest square slabs or drop panels for the flat slab system because of their extreme sturdiness, overall capacity, and cost-effectiveness of the construction. Similarly, many structural engineers prefer a flat slab system for their structure, including the asymmetrical column for floors with ramps and curved shapes. 

However, the flat slab system may be expensive but offers immense liberty to the engineers to design and renovate as per the requirements. It also gives flexibility, an in-depth solution, and a flat soffit to the layout. Hence, in this post, let us see the different types of flat slab construction for buildings.

Simple flat slab:

A simple flat slab is typically reinforced by concrete and supported by caps and columns without beam support. The simple flat slab can be constructed easily and requires only a small amount of formwork. Thus, the building loads are transferred into the columns for an effective balance. These simple flat slabs are suitable for spans ranging from 6m-9m. The span here refers to the distance between the two intermediate supports of the given structure. Similarly, the flat slabs are the perfect option for live loads weighing around 7kN/m2

Flat slab with drop panels:

The flat slab with drop panels are slabs supported by a drop panel and a column capital. The drop panel is defined as the slab’s thickened part above the supporting column. These drop panels act as a perfect solution to increase the shear strength of the flat slab. 

Similarly, the flat slab with drop panels increases the negative moment capacity of the structure. The negative moment capacity is the bending moment produced by the compression from the bottom side of the beam and the tension force from the top side. These flat slabs also reduce deflection by increasing the stiffness of the slab.

Flat slab with column heads:

A column head is the reinforced concrete enlargement at the top of the column, which acts as an integral part of the system. These column heads can be designed at any angle for architectural purposes. However, if you need designs on the concrete, it is advisable to place the concrete at 45°on on both sides of the vertical column. 

Hence, these are the different types of flat slabs used for construction purposes. Jacob Engineers is the best structural design consultant in Chennai who can provide you with a suitable construction solution that makes your building last. We even offer courses for structural engineering with essential case studies, activities, and training. Our team has incorporated flat slab system at Grace Super Market located at Avadi for flexibility and reducing building height.

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